Software and IT Solutions to Help Your Business

Full-Stack engineering is all about end-to-end services from creating databases and setting up servers to UI and front end development. 

Whether it’s migrating to the cloud or writing custom utility programs, we do it all.

Software Development

With 10 years of experience in .NET programming, I can work on your WPF, MVVM, WinForms, MVC, or .NET Core applications.

IT Consulting

I can provide technical guidance on setting up your solutions for modern web applications. I’ve worked with Windows, Linux and Android environments.

Modern Web

I’m also proficient in the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular2, and Node.js) and can help you with your modern web and app projects.

I also have experience with Xamarin Hybrid apps for iOS, Android, or Windows Universal Platform!

Cloud Services and Wordpress

Virtual Machines are a specialty and I am proficient in Windows Azure. I can help migrate local IT resources to the cloud.

I also create and maintain WordPress websites.

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Built from the ground up, WAXWORKS is a WAX Wallet Gallery Viewer and artist community on the WAX blockchain. Check it out here!
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I’ve been using Adobe Fireworks since I first started making websites. Once upon a time it was the best tool around for slicing up large images into rectangular portions for either table layouts…
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Making Fire I

I saw a really cool lamp on YouTube which is not for sale, so I thought I'd try to make something like it using the Raspberry Pi. Since I'm a programmer and not an electrical engineer I thought I'd st…
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Adventures in .NET Core: ID3 tags

I hope to post little notes, experiments and tips here as I work with some of the latest and greatest in .NET. For a side project, I decided to write an application to clean up my Music directory and …
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